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Reasons You Would Prefer a Privacy Fence

Planning a new fence? Take some time to think over the reasons a fence is important to you. What do you hope to accomplish by building a fence?

A privacy fence will define your space as separate from your neighbors, or public spaces.  There are many reasons that tulsa homeowners want a privacy fence.  Most urban homes have a privacy fence around the back yard.  Unless your backyard has a view, a privacy is highly desired.  Homeowners typically look to a privacy fence install to enhance safety, security and aesthetics. 

Privacy fences provide aesthetic advantages for gardens and lawns.  They separate your residential property from what the neighbor may be growing in their lawn or garden, or from a un-kept yard. Privacy fences have the added benefit of providing some noise reduction.  Sounds will go up, and not straight to your ear.  They also minimize interaction and visits from neighborhood pets.  The best part of a privacy fence for your garden is that it can be used to create a backdrop for plantings.  The high quality privacy fence provides an expanded use of outdoor living spaces. If your outdoor living space is close to the lot line a privacy fence can create a sense of well, privacy.
Your home is your castle, your new privacy fence will secure your space and minimize the opportunity for intruders.  Intruders can include wildlife, neighborhood pets, or unthinking neighbors.  A good privacy fence will increase the security of your property and make it difficult for bad actors to obtain access to your private outdoor living spaces.  And harder still to remove items from your yard or garden.  If you have invested in patio furniture and yard ornaments a privacy fence can help secure your investment. 
One of the primary reasons for a privacy fence in Tulsa OK is the safety aspect that protect people and animals.  There is peace of mind knowing your children and pets can play in the yard without fear of them wandering off.  Your property may have a steep hill, highway nearby or pond that could endanger children.  If you want to include a fence where there is some danger, however the view is pleasing; consider a wrought iron fence along the property line that includes the view.

Wood or Metal Fence for the Aesthetics

Getting creative with your privacy fence can provide strong horizontal lines to an outdoor living space.  Over the years we have built many custom fences at affordable prices.  We can help you carve out a private space for patio homes, urban neighborhoods or homes on busy streets. 

The right fence product is a way to set your space apart.  Different use areas of your home, driveway, patio or pool can be enhanced by the different types of fences.  If you have a pool check out out pool fences.  If you have a picture of a fence you like, we can build one that looks just like it.  We have been doing this a long time, and have seen many changes in all these years. 

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Get a Privacy Fence for Safety and Security

Some homes have greater exposure to passer-by traffic than others.  If your property borders a public space, trail, park or non residential street.  We can assist you in getting the best solution to solve your need for safety and security along with privacy.

We stand behind our work - the finished product speaks for itself.

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